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January 25, 2012



I think it all goes back to Romney's joke about being "unemployed." Describing yourself in terms of people who are struggling to survive while raking in 10 figures is worth ridicule. Maddow may not have made this link explicit, but I think she's in line with a lot of the conversation I've seen in other places that does explicitly mention the joke.


I think her jokes also pertains to his commenting that he "worked hard for his money" - as if "how hard" he worked explained how much he made.


As Jlwoj said, her snark goes to Romney joking about being unemployed.

In one day of him being unemployed, he makes what a lot of people would love to earn if they WERE working.


I imagine how much he would’ve made if he had worked.

UWS guy

in all honesty, Mitt did work hard for his money, but he probably had help and a whole lot of leverage to do that compared to the average American.

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