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January 23, 2012



With all due respect, voting for divided government is not as tricky you might think. Yes, it hypothetically can be tricky, it just never actually is. This year, the divided government vote looks pretty obvious, although it could hypothetically change between now and the election. It's unlikely, but it could happen. Net net - the GOP will hold the House, control of the Senate is a crap-shoot, therefore the divided government vote is to re-elect Barack Obama. If Obama is reelected, the government will stay divided regardless of what happens in the Senate.

Anyway, I was happy to stumble across your blog again. Just wanted to let you know as a courtesy that I linked your post in my latest compilation of divided government posts - this my 51st edition. Interestingly enough, I also linked you in the third edition over five years ago. That post taught me the meaning of the word "heuristic".

Welcome to the United Coalition of the Divided.

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