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June 28, 2011


Kyle K.

Javier and Vicci's songs were BO-RING, synthetic pop tunes without really memorable hooks or any definite message. Totally and absolutely forgettable. Dia was good, but she's so sheepish. It's one thing to be quiet and introvertive and be a quasi-Norah Jones, but she actually looked like the shrank after her performance (partly because Christina and Adam were both kinda jerks to her). Beverly's song was the best (certainly the most memorable), and she gave a great performance. She seems like a slightly harder Melissa Etheridge to me.

This is the only episode I watched, so I don't know all the back story. I'd vote for Dia, but I am not sure she's ready to be a nationwide star. It's sad if Beverly doesn't get the mass appeal she deserves, but there might not be enough calling right now (pop music right now, except for Adelle and Mumford & Sons, seems either redone R&B or oversynthed Ke$ha and Katy Perry).
I guess I'm in the Beverly camp, but I'm not sure I'm going to spend the time voting...

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