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January 27, 2011


Matthew Lewis

In part because I am a massive fanboy of the franchise, o want to put in a plug for the two Sarah Connors, Lena Headey and Linda Hamilton. In Terminator 2, Linda Hamilton is seriously badass. And Lena Headey does a great job in the Fox series.

Tung Yin

Agreed, both LHs were great as Sarah Connor. I guess my post title conveyed a broader sense of action than what I was thinking, which was more of hand-to-hand action (or sword-type weapons).


Sidney Bristow should probably also garner a mention.

Steve Bainbridge

Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker. Linda Hamilton in terminator 2 (not 1). But the best and greatest was Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2.

Tung Yin

Jennifer Garner is a good selection, as would be Peta Wilson (Nikita in the USA Network version). I don't watch "Chuck" so can't really comment on Ms. Strahovski's screen fighting prowess. Linda Hamilton was pretty good in T2 (though possibly eclipsed on the acting front by Lena Headley) but I don't know if I'd put her up there with Lawless, Jolie, and others. I mean, she was good with a gun and I'm sure could beat me up, but in the movie, I seem to recall that she just beat up the creepy but obese orderly and the wimpy doctor.

Uma Thurman was quite good in "Kill Bill" but . . . I dunno. I mean, Scarlett Johannsen beat up a bunch of guys in "Iron Man 2" but I'm not rushing to put her on my list of best action actresses.

Steve Bainbridge

First, Chuck is the best thing on TV and Sarah Walker is the baddest action heroine on TV. See, e.g., Chuck versus Phase Three. Second, The Bride could kick Xena or either Nikita's ass with one hand tied behind her back. Sidney Bristow would last about 10 seconds against Sarah Walker and about a nanosecond against The Bride. I'll concede that Mrs. Smith could probably take Sarah Walker, but not The Bride.

Thomas Beagle

I'd like to put in a vote for Carrie Ann Moss as Trinity in The Matrix.

Just think about the opening scene where she kills the cops and then outruns the agents... her uber-competence is very sexy.

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