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December 18, 2010


Matthew Lewis

My guess is that the economic damage done by our inevitable overreactions to attempted terrorist attacks is far higher than the damage done by leaks of cables that have, so far, said little that wasn't already know or assumed by the foreign policy community.

How much deadweight loss is caused by the endless and needless delays at our airports?


Both are in cages. That's the important thing.

gaye harris

One guy challenges authority.
Working for his country.
Walkabout time: one hour

Other guy challenges civilization itself.
Somali refugee dependent on the state.
Walkabout time: four hours

One guy reads widely, many publications.
Other guy reads the Koran.

Only one time have I personally seen a child in a hijab in the US. She was a Somali child, in Seattle, SIX YEARS OLD. It therefore strikes me as not a coincidence that it would be a Somali youth in the Pacific Northwest who would be the first to volunteer for mass slaughter in the name of Islam.

Here is what a prominent Egyptian writer, Abdallah Kemal, has to say about putting little girls in hijabs.

“Extremism is quietly abducting the country while we sleep. I mean by this: 1) The marked rise in the proportion of women, in wide sectors [of the public], who wear the veil [niqab]; 2) The incessant increase in…[the phenomenon of] dressing prepubescent girls in the head covering [hijab], especially in rural areas…

“We are facing a generational catastrophe. Given that women are the pillar of the institution of the family, what can we expect from veiled mothers other than generations of the most extreme of extremists? We are facing a true political problem, for what can one want of veiled families when they make their political decisions? Will these families choose between various options, or will they flow directly into the political receptacle of extremism?

“All of this requires us to sound the warning bells, especially since extremism is not – in light of the retreat of the forces of enlightenment… – settling merely for hoisting [its] banners above women’s heads, but is continuing, with unparalleled success, to hoist its flags above a new area of conquest, namely, the heads of little girls…

“I criticize [Egyptian liberals]: How can they be in a kind of strange, serene languor, while this cancer completes its infiltration of the edifice of [people’s] minds and reinforces its control over the change in the character of the state, even before it has gained power – though this is where it is headed…

“The state of silence that the majority of the national newspapers have maintained, and their… collective languor in refraining from fighting this reactionary [movement], provide a completely fitting environment for the growth of non-modern tendencies, and is leading to the undoing of the features of the civil state, not to speak of the secular state…

“And even worse is what many of the civil political forces are doing. They are playing with fire and live coals, imagining that they are applying pressure on the regime… when they make open or secret alliances [with the Islamists], and they do not understand that they are selling their souls…


Mo's in the dungeon cuz the scumbag inmates had family at the Square that night? And not because he's a black Muslim from Africa?

Yea, right!!!!

This blog should be called gullible.com


We are not all equal. Private Manning, a whistle blower, is being subjected to severe psychological abuse. And here's where some convicted people are staying in Jordan, a good friend of the US, according to sources....



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