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May 15, 2010


Scripted Television is Dead

They should have renewed both, but hey, you gotta make room for, "Surviving How I Met Your Apprentice While Dancing in the Kitchen at My Big Brother's Batchlor Reunion."


I think that they're both horrible shows. IMHO the only saving grace for V is that it's bad in an almost entertaining way, while FlashForward is both bad and boring.

Reality Shows is So 2001

g you must be an "America's Amazing Millionaire Makeover Race in the Biggest New York Queer Haunted Mansion." fan.

Save Drama

I used to watch reality shows, but now I hate them with a passion. I'll take any drama series over some pointless camcorder episode of an arguement about some love triangle. You want to see that go outside, to the park, store, or restaurant. Plenty of reality in REAL life. If you disagree, then you have no life.


put a spoiler comment asshole.

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