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January 10, 2007



I'm on Rosie's side. Donald Trump scares the beejeesus out of me. At least she's kinda funny.

On the Barbara Walters issue wasn't the letter after Walters supported Rosie against Trump on The View?

It is hard to root for Trump but Rosie is just so annoying and self-righteous that it's impossible not to want her to be taken down a bit.


Ratings for The Apprentice are at new lows and Trump is looking for someone to blame because it can't be his show's tired format or the host's massive ego that's keeping viewers away. It's Rosie's fault!

Law Monkey

The Donald. I don't watch either "The Apprentice" or "The View." In sheer terms of relevance however, I'll side with a businessperson making things happen in the world over an individual who for some reason or another is able to make a living by just voicing their opinions.

The Angry Medic

Good one, Law Monkey. I'm a Trump fan and hence side him by default, but I gotta admit, he IS taking the Rosie thing a bit too far.

*in whiny schoolyard tone*

She started it though!

I side with the Donald! Rosie is not a good role model for anyone! She's an opinionated, conclusion jumping,condemming person that should be fired. First for her tirade with Kelly Ripa ( I wouldn't want anyone putting their hand over my mouth either, especially a gay person)Then Donald Trump (even though I don't agree with his decision) Now Paula Abdul, when will it stop??? Rosie is not a very nice person, I will not watch the view anymore.

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