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December 04, 2006



Actually, I bet he's just as well known now, if not moreso, for his State Farm (or is it AllState?) insurance commercials and his portrayal of a military commander in The Unit. Both are the kinds of images that politicians yearn to project.

While you aren't serious, Fred Thompson, Arnold Swarzenegger, and Ronald Reagan all developed political careers building off of characters premised in make-believe.


Either you transposed Barack Obama's name, or I'm missing a joke somewhere.

Martin Sheen would be president if that's all it took. President Martin "Bartlet" Sheen.


I think Obama has something unique to offer. For the first time as an independent voter, I'm excited about a political candidate. He is so much more real than other candidates when he talks about the issues affecting every day americans.

Today, I decided to start a blog ("Independents for Obama") and am excited to join the blogosphere.



Hy Luu

David Palmer is awesome


barrack obama is a muslim no one has a name like that unless they are muslim do we really want someone like this running our country that has no experience, nafta, rezko will not salute the american flag and his wife is not patriotic. come on all these stupid people vote for this guy but know nothing about him what has he done the only reason he got hisseat on senate was because someone resigned. think about it why not put someone in the white house that has done somthing and proven them selves hillary 08

The Butcheress of Abu Ghraib

If we were to compare the two men, Obama doesn't have Palmer's physical presence, he's half the size of Dennis Haysbert. But he has the voice and speaking ability down pat. I'm glad that he is the new President and impressed at whatever role 24 and Haysbert's portrayal of the President may have had in his election win.

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