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October 13, 2006



HA!!! I agree with you completely. I addressed this very same topic in my October 10 post and concluded that maybe the White House needed to start watching BSG. They might actually learn something!

George Wanjala

burning the midnight oil, what does this phrase mean?


Instead, the first two episodes show that the humans struggle with the idea of sending suicide bombers to attack dual-use military/civilian areas, especially ones where humans may be killed. The insurgent leader's efforts to rationalize the practice as the same as sending a soldier on a one-way mission do not convinced the others as to the correctness of his decision. I found that exchange especially thought-provoking, because it is all too easy to fall into an "us" vs "them" mentality that overlooks the fact that even amongst the enemy, there may be differences of opinion.

It's especially interesting, because Tigh's previous experience as military dictator involved his troops firing on civilians, and taking, in general, the same sort of attitude the hardline Cylons have been taking. His approach to making civilians go along with the military leadership is and always has been that fear will keep them in line -- and it's exactly the same now that he wants to have his men kill anyone willing to collaborate with the Cylons. What's shifted is his influence with the other civilian leaders (e.g. Roslin) who are now willing to sanction his hardline approach, even though they opposed it when it was used against them (e.g. when Roslin got thrown in detention).

Where the creators are actually coming out on this all I have no idea. But it's certainly interesting to watch.

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