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October 11, 2006



Enjoyed your post. I've been thinking about and posting on Divided Government for a few months on my blog Divided We Stand, United We Fall.

I've also been wrestling with the same question regarding how to pick a presidential candidate to maintain a divided government result. The best I have come up with so far, is to just stack rank my favorites in both parties, and support the best candidate in the right party to maintain a divided state. An optimal result is a split congress in 2006, which leaves a free choice for president (if you assume imcumbents are mostly re-elected in 2008).

Given the name of your blog, and considering your politics, you might be able to make use of my new logo. Just give me some attribution if you use it. mw

Peter Hodges

The Democrats controlled the Presidency, Congress and the Courts literally from Roosevelt to Johnson and while some may not have been pleased with their policies (winning WW II, Social Security, Civil Rights, Miranda, Griswold, Roe), they never, never, never displayed the total ethical breakdown that is the signature of the neo-con apotheosis.

It is not true that all politicians are the same or that all politicians will pursue the same goals given the same opportunity.


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