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June 08, 2006


David Moore

I am an attorney in Las Vegas and a graduate of the University of Iowa College of Law. I have been an attorney here for almost three years. In my experience, the firm you belong to or the client you represent matters to these judges. "Juice" does matter. Arguments made by an attorney from the largest firm in Nevada get listened to more often than the small firm attorney. There are many explanations for the legal conditions here. The legal community is extremely small. Every lawyer knows every lawyer. The powers in this town all know each other. Also, Nevada law is non-existent because the legislature has not enacted laws to cover most situations. Also, there are no intermediate courts to review the district courts' decisions. The Supreme Court is clogged as a result. Since there is limited review, judges are given a great deal of power. Also, the paucity of case and statutory law leaves litigants to act in an environment of uncertainty. The work environment is the Las Vegas community is great, don't get me wrong. The tide is also turning from "juice" as the legal community gets larger and the state more sophisticated.


i live in vegas also, and am continually amazed at the legal & political corruption here. it's like louisiana with tumbleweeds.

still, the casinos like it that way, so that's that. a few years back, the democrats here ran an old-time firebrand for governor against the casinos anointed man. mr. firebrand was black, populist, had an image of impeccable integrity, and....didn't like the casinos one bit. wanted to raise their taxes!!!

even the democrat party abandoned him. they endorsed the GOP/casino guy, because their casino masters had told them to.

we don't DO "subtle" here in vegas.

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