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June 13, 2006


1st hand experience

hey, I skipped 2 grades and am very happy with where I am now. I am still in all-honors and play 3 sports, and people accept me for who I am because I don't act stuck-up about it, in fact, no one even knew my real age until word leaked a couple weeks after school started. so please, if you are thinking about whether it is right or wrong to let kids skip grades, consider this: would you rather sit in a classroom and waste a year of your life, or would you want to excel in school and also fulfill your goals life isn't worth holding back, and because of my decision, I am going to have an extra two years of my life succeeding in the outside world. I understand where people are coming from on the social end of this problem, and I totally believe that if they are not ready, then they are not ready. but, my advice is to NOT skip multiple grades at a time. for example, I skipped kindergarten, then 6th grade. it is severely hard to adapt two years in one summer. I guess my advice is partially biased because all of my friends were older than me, but honestly, especially when kids are younger, would you rather them sit with their friends and talk about nothing for a whole year, or meet new friends, and have a little bit of difficulty for the first 3 weeks. those are the questions to consider, and besides, many people are shorter/skinnier in school anyway. I am actually fairly tall and play on the basketball team, but anyway, it's your decision, but consider the consequence of your choice.

Skipped Mom, Skipped Child

I was skipped (OK, it was early Kindergarten at age 4) and I swore I would never skip a child. Folks blamed everything I did wrong for 12 years on my grade skip. Couldn't cut well with scissors? Because of the grade skip (I was in jr. high at this time - you'd have thought the disadvantage would wear off by then). Trouble socially during high school? Couldn't be the severe distress due to the protracted divorce my parents were torturing us through... it must be the grade skip. In retrospect, things are a lot clearer... and the grade skip, while barely helping academically, at least meant I had only 12 years to be bored before college.

I had plenty of time to reflect when the preschool wanted to move my daughter up to K from pre-k after three whole weeks of school. Size-wise, she was big even for K. And they wanted to move her for social reasons: she preferred the older kids for company on the playground, their organized games, their reading material, everything. And academics wouldn't be an issue, they told me... the understatement of my life.

It's a good thing we let her move up. It made her older, and therefore more tolerant of the boredom in first grade. It helped socially for a little while, too, until the she outgrew the kids and preferred the company of older kids in the neighborhood and other activities.

But at least it saved her a year of sitting, not learning, in the classroom.

Girls? We were both girls, my daughter and I, and the skip saved our lives. Boys? Hard to say, but if girls or boys are planning on high school or college sports, it might be better not to skip. Other than that... why would a child want to be trapped in a learning void for an additional 180 days of his or her brief childhood?

skipping a grade

There are several levels of giftedness. FOr a child working one year ahead of his classmates, a grade skip may not make sense. But for a child at level 3,4 or 5 who is working 3, 4 or even more years above his classmates, the grade skip is an entirely different matter. My daughter falls into this group.

Before my daughter was allowed to skip she was learning plenty in school, 1) how to underachieve, 2)how to kill time, 3)that she knew the answer to every question the teacher asked, 4) not to raise her hand because teachers didn't call on her, (see#3), 5) frustration and growing intolerance at lower paced kids in her room, 6) that she didn't have to work at anything and she would always get excellent grades, 7) that teachers gave meaningless compliments "good work" or "excellent job" means nothing if you know you didn't try at all, 8) how to self monitor everything she said and the vocabulary she used, otherwise the kids would ask her what she was talking about, 9) not to bring up anything she found interesting because no one else had watched that particular show on Discovery or History CHannel. 10) she learned how to tutor other kids, 11) she learned that boredom was what school was all about 12) she learned that the teacher really didn't have time for her questions, so she stopped asking them, 13) she learned if she wanted to keep her friends she had to dumb down and pretend to be interested in things she had absolutely no interest in 14) she learned she didn't have to pay attention or stay focused and she could catch on anyway plus she never got called on anyway so it didn't matter. 15) she learned not to have any faith or trust in teachers who routinely promised to modify her work and give her something more interesting to do, she understood that the teacher needed to spend more time with the kids who were behind, but that didn't make it any easier.
16) that the only time the school really was glad to have her was when they took the NCLB tests.

She learned alot in K-4th grade. I'm not sure this is exactly what her teachers planned on her learning though.


I am a 53 year old African American Private Investigator.
I was skipped from second grade in a nearly all Black inner city school to 4th grade in an all Black Catholic school. I was smaller, the only Protestant girl and the baby of my teaching family.

My mother who came from a whole family of 135+ IQ people told me to downplay the whole thing and make a joke about it. I did and I made friends just fine all through out grade school, high school and college. The key to this is building social skills. If you teach the kid to be cool, it works out well.

To this day I remember being told I was both pretty and smart but that Lucifer was both and look what happened to him. "Either use your looks and brains to help the community or they would be NO use at all."

I listened, I hope and that "skipping" was never a problem.


I have a child who was skipped from 1st to 2nd grade this year. I have read all sorts of horror stories and triumphs of grade skipping online. I think everyones individual situations are all valid. After all, no two humans are alike. For my daughter, it was a great experience. She is not a genius. She was simply reading at an end of 2nd, or 3rd grade level. Even more importantly, she was physically and socially a second grader. Her first grade teacher noted all these things in her first week and strongly suggested we move her to second (her school and principal are very pro-acceleration). It is exactly where she should be. Academically, she falls right in the middle of her 20 person class. She loves learning because she is challenged. Socially, she is very popular. Not only in her class but with children of all grades! She is outgoing and confident. She is a success story for grade skipping. I wouldn't say everyone should consider it. Only you know your child.


The guy i like got skipped two grades cause he's so smart. He's suppossed to be in 8th like me but he's a 10grader now,which saddens me. He is so nerdy but that's what i am attracts me of him,he to is tall and very skinny does cross country,lol. But what i noticed of him is he is very mature acts like he is 30years of age. he never laughs that those middleschool jokes and stuff only math science and grown up adults.
But yeah I just wanted to write that.


I was homeschooled at first, but then I was learning fractions at 5 and my mom couldn't teach me anymore so they made me take a test and I placed into high 5th low 7th at 5 yrs old. My parents didn't want me in 5th at 5 so they put me in 2nd grade. I skipped two grades, and I love it because I am graduating this year at 16. However, now my parents expect a ton out of me, and sometimes it is really hard and I'm like, "Jeez let up". So, it has it's pros and cons.


I skipped two grades, the 5th grade and the 8th, and am currently an incoming freshmen into a tough private school, and I believe that skipping grades really doesn't have any effect on 'social development'. Intelligent kids will grow way above their age group fast, and unless you actually nuture the increased intellectualism, they'll just be in a classroom rotting their brains out. I spent the fourth grade in the equivalent of an IB classroom for elementary school, doing algebra 1. 6th grade was the same situation. Now I currently have my reading at the 3rd year of college, pre-cal (12th grade math), and honors 9th grade writing.
When I look at who I should've been with, my 'social peers', they look like 5-year-olds juxtaposition to me. There is no argument that I should be with the monkeys.


Hi. I skipped 1st grade. I am 12 years old and in 8th grade. I would never put a kid through what I have to go through. Though skipping grades can greatly increase the learning experience it is torture for a kids social life. I am 4ft 11" and 80 lbs . I am much smaller than other kids and was bullied when I was younger. I'm taking geomatry at 12 years old. Though many smart people like Martin Luther King Jr., Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, and poet T.S. Eliot All three skipped a grade (or more)skipping grades don't benifit children. Bottom line, skipping grades = NO!

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