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June 06, 2006



Not to mention that the new Starbuck could kick Dirk Benedict's butt.


And does the new BSG have anybody as hot as Athena? She was reason enough alone to watch the original show, at least for a socially inept 13 year old boy. Same thing as Jane Badler on V. Sigh.

Tung Yin

The new BSG is full of attractive female characters, all of whom are much better written than the cardboard stereotypes of the original; and pretty much all of whom are played by much better actresses.


Watch out! Don't criticize Dirk Benedict to much or the Dirkette Mafia will come after you. I'm not kidding. They've been after me for three years now and it's been hell.
Dirk, help!


This is with respect to the comment Kathryn posted. What you have said is untrue and very disrespectful and not topic with BSG or what needs to be said here.


I really enjoy the BSG series from 1978.
I don't think of it as dumb. To me that is the only true BSG series. I will always think of Dirk Benedict as Starbuck. I occasionally watch the show on television and have the DVD boxed set of the series.


Thanks Carol! Just ignore that Kathryn. She's been going around the net for years (more than three and counting) and harassing people and Dirk and has the nerve to ask him for help and for him to unblock her. She's been blocked for reasons I won't go into here. She's nothing more than a loud, disgruntled fan who didn't get her way on a cruise. I'm sorry that she found your site......


The character of Starbuck was especially written for Dirk Benedict and with a purpose. It's clear there is much of Starbuck in him. He brought great charm, fun and charisma to the original series, carried the entire show and, indeed, was its saving grace. I adored him! He was utterly gorgeous, (still is, truth to tell), and is far removed from being "dumb"!

I have to say that I dislike what little I have seen of the new show. It is "bleak and despairing" and the world it portrays holds no interest for me. I couldn't care less what happens to any of them. The special effects are superb, of course, and constitute ITS saving grace. Certainly not the new Starbuck. Charmless and graceless, there is nothing of the original intent in her.

For all its faults and ineptitudes, its poor storylines and dismal special effects, the power of the original series was sufficient to rebirth this latest incarnation. In 30 years' time, this child of Galactica and its special effects will also be woefully outdated and its storylines may well be viewed as decidedly questionable. Will any of its characters be remembered with affection - or worth remembering at all?

Enjoy it whilst ye may. It, too, will pass and yield to a greater, (or lesser), moneyspinner of like pedigree. For those who love the series I sincerely wish them great joy of it and hope they will be granted peace and freedom to cherish it for as long as they wish - which is more than has been allowed to those who remember with great fondness the original - and its golden boy - the real Starbuck. :)

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