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June 08, 2006


Law Monkey

It's just spin. Al Qaeda is very good at presenting their message, and the U.S. media is all too eager to lap it up and pass it on.


Frankly, I've never understood the whole 72 virgins thing. First of all, I'm not sure what the big appeal is. I'd rather, er, 'do it' with someone who doesn't need constant coaching on what goes where.
Secondly, what happens after your done with your allotment of virgins? Is that it for the rest of eternity? Do you never again have sex? Do you you just spend the rest of forever jerking off?
Perhaps I should read the Koran and see it it addresses these important issues.

Tung Yin

Good to hear from you, Law Monkey. I realize it's just spin, but I guess what I'm wondering is, why would anyone think it's effective spin?

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