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September 04, 2005



If you like the Rams because of their helmet design, why do you not also root for Colorado State? And how can you root for California and yet not root against Stanford?


What happened to the Tigers? And didn't you actually root *for* the Dodgers at some point? I seem to remember that you couldn't shut up about Kirk Gibson.

Hm. If I keep this up, you're going to ban me from this blog :)

Steven Taylor

Do you mean "Chris" Everett?


Prof. Yin,

ROFL at the new name for the Angels. And Go Bears!

Tung Yin

L: Regarding the Dodgers, (1) I was younger; and (2) that was 1988 and my chance to go to the World Series (you'll recall that I started to root for the A's because I had tickets to game 7 as well as game 2).

Regarding the Tigers, yes, I liked them during the Alan Trammell-Lou Whittaker-Kirk Gibson era. But the Angels have always been my team, even though they play a pretty stupid style of baseball.

Steven: Was it "Chris" or "Chrissie"? I wonder how many blog readers remember seeing that ridiculous scene?


My contention is that the Hawkeyes will win a national championship in football before either UCLA or Cal.

If Iowa played UCLA in the Rose Bowl with the national championship on the line, would you really affirmately root against the Hawks?

Tung Yin

If Iowa played UCLA in the Rose Bowl with the national championship on the line, would you really affirmately root against the Hawks?

Mark, if the Chicago Cubs were to play the Florida Marlins in the NLCS, would you root for the Marlins just because you happen to be working in Miami?


You say you don't like bully teams, but what about UCLA? Time was they were one of the biggest bully teams in college football, loaded up with talent and pummeling Ohio State or Michigan in the Rose Bowl every year. Or does your moratorium on cheering for bullies stop when the team starts to suck beyond belief, like UCLA does these days?

My favorite team....whatever school is named on top of my paycheck. So, go Hawks! Call me a whore, I don't care.

Mighty Ducks? Really?


So, if someone were to offer you tickets to the World Series of the Dodgers make it there, that would make
you a Dodgers fan again? Sounds like a pretty low
threshold :)

P.S. It was "Chris"


Of course not! And thanks for conjuring up memories of Game 6 (the Bartman Game) -- I was there!

Still, my civic pride in Miami isn't quite the same as your loyalty to your employer. Being a law professor at the University of Iowa, you're not just a fan of Kirk Ferentz and the Iowa football program -- you're virtually a colleague.

That said, if the Chicago Cubs were playing my law firm's softball team, I'd definitely have some conflict-of-interest issues.

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