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September 09, 2005


Law Monkey

I read something similiar recently, but it had to do with the DNC's take on the President.

"If we found out today that George W. Bush could walk on water, tommorrow the DNC would trumpet 'Bush can't swim!'"


I suppose the author of the piece was trying to be funny, but I think he ended up being sadly accurate.

The United States accumulated a tremendous amount of goodwill after 9/11, and Bush had to go and squander it by invading a country that had nothing to do with the attacks.

Now the President has thoroughly emabarrassed this nation in the eyes of the world by completely bungling the response to Hurricane Katrina.

His defenders will argue it was a big storm and Bush can't control the weather. Both items are true. But it is equally true that Katrina did not materialize in the Gulf of Mexico overnight. It had been forecast to hit the Gulf coast two days ahead of time, and 20 hours prior to landfall it was known to be a category five storm aimed square at New Orleans. EVERYONE knew the storm was coming, and the dire predictions of the catastrophe about to befall New Orleans were all over the media.

For Bush to say that no one could have predicted the breach of the levees is nothing but the latest in a long string of lies put out by this administration.


I think it would be more like Bush responds to Pearl Harbor attack by kicking Japan's ass and declaring war on Germany. Which, strangely, is exactly what we did. (Despite the fact that Germany did not yet possess weapons of mass destruction nor pose any threat to the US mainland.) More strangely, the left in America actually exhibited patriotism and recognized the global threat of fascism be it in the form of Nazism or Islamo-fascism. I guess that's only a threat when Democrat is president.

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