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September 22, 2005


Iowa Fan

I personally think the main reason EBuz is getting attacked like she is (not saying it's right) is that she has simplified the truth (Fry had several reasons of painting the visitor's locker room pink) into one: he wanted to "insult" women and gay men.

This is beyond untrue, and she's paying the price for not doing any research before she attacked a very loved figure in the state of Iowa. You're damn right people are mad!

Live and learn, girl.


I am an Iowan and I am disgusted by these people who decide to show their "love and respect" for a former coach by wishing violence and death on someone who expresses her point of view (solicited by the University by the way and horribly misrepresented by a local news station).

Please take a minute to think about what is missing in your lives that your whole identity seems to be invested in a college football team.

Eddie Rew

Please go back to Boston and complain to someone else. You do not represent the state of IOWA. The people of the state enjoy the pink lockerrooms and consider them unique. They are not a promotion of your homosexual life style or an attack on it. It's just a way of getting the other team worried about anything but the game. You are so lost in your gay rights agenda that you can't see beyond it. I am a graduate of the University of Iowa and a tax payer. I think that the governor and the board of regents need to look at you situation and ask why are you spending your time blogging and fight over a pink locker room instead of teaching the tuition paying student. Do you promote your gay agenda when you are teaching? Do you force your students to listen to your justification of your perverted life style? That is some questions that I would like answered.


This is the most asinine thing I have heard in my life. Football is a sport, a competitive sport and teams use their home field advantage any way they can. So U of I painted the locker room pink. This offends you? Maybe Ebuz needs to get her head out of her a** or the clouds and take a look at what her comments say about herself.

In almost 30 years this has not come up. Pink is a girly color. So what? Sports teams need any advantage they can get, within the law and rules of the game. A girly locker room for men who need to channel their aggressive hormones BRILLIANT! Just in case you are unfamiliar with football the insults don't stop there and they are not quite as nice either.

This does not belittle girls or homosexuals. It is a color, it is associated with girls (young girls actually) not sure how the gay thing got here but to each their own. The locker rooms and everything in there does not say faggot or sissy. They are just pink, disgusting pink, calming pink, girly pink. Does sthat get you psyched?

Wait a mintue now I know why Iowa is fairing so poorly. The opposing teams step into those pink locker rooms and become enraged!! Those Iowa Bastards are insulting homosexuals and women! We will not stand for it. We are going to tan their hides in the name of all that is liberal and egocentric in scope!!!

Ebuz look past your own childhood trauma and open your eyes. This is the most idiotic display of pseudo educated banter I think I have ever heard. As a matter of fact just crawl into a room in your ivory tower and leave the world alone. I am sorry for all those you have taught, for they must be truely warped in their views. And then they are put into our court rooms and governmental offices.....Yea we are all doomed. The locker rooms are pink...


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