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March 04, 2005



I've been laughing at this all night. But I felt like too much of a geek to post about it.

Tung Yin

But I felt like too much of a geek to post about it.

Yes, well, I'm thirtysomething, married, with baby, and I stay home Friday nights (and every other night) and watch TV. I think I'm impervious to the shame of being seen as geeky.


Couldn't be any worse than Manimal, a show I remember from the early 1980s. I can't remember the details, but it was about a crime fighting sleuth who could turn himself into an animal, or something like that. Just horrible. It was on NBC back in the Fred Silverman era, along with other such disasters as SuperTrain and Buck Rogers. I give Fred credit, though--he did get Cheers and Hill Street Blues right.

Tung Yin

Should I be embarrassed to admit that my brother and I used to look forward to "Manimal"? Or that I even know that the Maminal character showed up in an episode of "NightMan"?


Yes. Deeply.


God, these people have no shame. This ground was thoroughly exhausted (in two hours, no less!) in 1994's Mosquito. Mosquito absolutely sucked beyond belief. I'll bet it turns out to be better than Mansquito, though, for merciful brevity if nothing else.


Make that "in ninety minutes, no less!"

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