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February 08, 2005


Tung Yin

Prof. Bainbridge, try the TiVo Community board. I think this thread (specific to DirectTV) may answer your question.

Phelps (not Fred)

There are two ways to go -- you can hook a standalone DVD burner up just like a VCR and use the "Save to VCR feature" (basicly, just playing out of the TiVo and into the VCR in realtime) or you can expand your TiVo. That is what I did, using a Weaknees kit, and it worked spectacularly. I went from having no space for "TiVo suggestions" (which I love) to 40-50 suggestions all the time. PLUS my normal 20 hours of so of Season Pass stuff.

how do you get veronica mars in ic? satellite?

Tung Yin

"Veronica Mars" is on channel 16 in Iowa City.


Have shopped at TiVo many times & found it great.


Have shopped at TiVo many times & found it great.


I received a green screen display with an error message. I know that this message is displayed while TiVo attempts to repair the data contents of its hard drive. But I don't know what to do. It's been green for more than 5 hours and I think TiVo's dead. Could you help me with some advice, please?

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