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February 08, 2005



Sounds like it's time for either a second Tivo or a larger capacity Tivo for you!

Tung Yin

Well, there's a more important limitation in terms of time available to watch all this!


I think you've mentioned an aversion to this, but TV on DVD... no need to even hit the skip button for commercials plus it comes in a custom-designed box!


Maybe it's time for TIVO to go...

Tung Yin

Do you mean TiVoToGo? Or do you mean I should get rid of my Tivo? Because the latter ain't happening.


With the advent of Battlestar Galactica and my discovery of MI-5, we finally watch some of the same shows.

Tung Yin

Dylan, I'm a little surprised you don't watch "24." I would've thought you'd like the reactionary nature of it.


Glad to know another Alias fan!
But as a connoisseur of reality TV, do you agree that last night's "very special episode" of wife swap was the best drama on ABC?

Tung Yin

But as a connoisseur of reality TV, do you agree that last night's "very special episode" of wife swap was the best drama on ABC?

Eh, I sometimes read the recaps of "Wife Swap" on Reality News Online, but I haven't watched it. I've pared my reality TV down to "American Idol," "The Apprentice," "The Amazing Race," and "Survivor." And "$40 a Day" if Rachael Ray is visiting a cool city. And the occasional "Iron Chef." And "Mythbusters."

Oh, what's the use? I can't control myself!!!

Steve Bainbridge

Tung: I've got the Hughes DirectTV Tivo and have been trying to figure out if there is a way to hook up a DVD burner to it. Sounds like you need the same thing. Any idea if it's possible?

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