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February 07, 2005


Karl Maher

What a disingenuous post. You might as well be Peter Jennings claiming "Hey, no bias here!"

From a 2002 Rand Corporation analysis of asbestos litigation:

-- Annual filings have risen sharply in the last few years.

-- Increasing claims for nonmalignant injuries explain the recent growth in the asbestos caseload.

-- The number of mesothelioma cases filed annually has been rising slowly ... but they represent a tiny fraction of all claims.

-- ... there is widespread agreement that a majority of the claimants without cancer are functionally unimpaired...

-- Five states -- Mississippi, New York, West Virginia, Ohio and Texas -- which accounted for only 9 percent of the cases filed before 1988 handled 66 percent of filings between 1998 and 2000.

-- The litigation has spread far beyond the asbestos and building products industries. The list of defendants now ranges across 75 out of 83 different types of industries in the U.S. ... the litigation has spread to touch almost every type of economic activity in the U.S.

-- A total of $54 billion has already been spent on asbestos litigation.

-- Transaction costs have consumed more than half of total spending.

-- About 65 percent of compensation has gone to nonmalignant claimants.

Asbestos litigation is an immense problem, recognized not only by President Bush but by the Supreme Court, which has repeatedly called on Congress to solve this problem in its Fibreboard and Ayers opinions.

I'd further urge you to take a look at who voted "yea" on the class-action bill this week.


Yeah, it's not too frivolous to us who are suffering from it either. mesothelioma is a horrible disease and it hurts so much to see Bush declare my pain, suffering, and eventual death as "frivolous".

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