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January 11, 2005



I'm hooked on the CSI series (serii?) and NCIS and Law and Order. Some Sundays we have a marathon session and watch one after another. We've gradually eliminated the ones where one or another of us doesn't care for the program or the actors (e.g., CSI New York)so the number of segments to watch is manageable.

I'm almost afraid to start with the spy/thriller genre. When would there be time to sleep?

Tung Yin

We used to watch "CSI" (the Vegas original) but this season stopped because it conflicted with "The Apprentice" and I got tired of using the vcr (ironically, one of the things that prompted the Tivo gift from my wife). We gave "CSI: Miami" a chance but found Kim Delaney too annoying. I gather she's been gone for a while, but we haven't gone back. As for "CSI: New York," there are too many shows set in New York already. . . .

I've never gotten into "Law and Order" or its spin-offs, but I understand that they're supposed to be good.

A few years ago, I might have picked up "NCIS," but I stopped watching "JAG" somewhere around season 7, I think.

Not surprisingly, the spy shows deliver more suspense and thrills. They're also edgier. You might like "MI-5," especially since it's set in Britain. It's kind of interesting to see a show where the U.S. is the great ally, but still considered outsiders -- and sometimes the source of conspiracies. (The French, apparently, are loathed by the British.)


Season 2 of La Femme Nikita is supposed to be out March 15. Supposedly there was a problem with the music rights, so they had to delay the initial release back in June. Since you haven't watched 24 yet, I have to say the one problem with having Alberta Watson as the head of CTU is that I keep calling for her to cancel people, and it's irritating when she doesn't. Jack would have made a great Section One operative.

Tung Yin

Rob, you are indeed correct. I may have to pony up for that, although I think it's really seasons 3 and 4 that "LFN" gets rocking.

And yes, Jack would have been a great Section One operative. (And to tie the thread together, Tom Quinn on "MI-5" is definitely pulling a Jack Bauer. Sheesh!)

Al Nye

I've tuned into the first 2 episodes of "Medium" and have enjoyed them -- have you seen them?

Al Nye


I am hoping someone can help me.A few years back there was a preview for a show where people would come out of secret passages to get across town faster.Does anyone remember this? Could you please tell me the name of the show.


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