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December 10, 2004


Al Nye

I think you may be right about Jenn being the next Apprentice. It's too bad though, because she's not better than Kelly.

She's bright enough and probably great at legal detail work. She'd do fine in the nitty-gritty of real estate analysis or business acquisitions by Trump.

She'll never go anywhere though. She lacks people skills.

I remember the episode where she was the only one who couldn't figure out the jean wheel -- no matter how simply it was explained to her. She lacks imagination and creativity.

Kelly is the better candidate and deserves to be the next Apprentice. Even Trump's executives who conducted the interviews were all impressed by him.

Al Nye


If Trump's idea of management is to watch two people yell and scream at each other to see who scores the most insults, I'm pretty sure I don't want to work for Trump. Although I suppose it could make for some interesting staff meetings.

And I wouldn't be surprised if Trump picked Jenn last night because Burnet said to him beforehand, "Mr. Trump, an icy-eyed blond with a fetching figure will get bigger ratings in the finale than an attractive but otherwise unspectacular looking brunette."

I agree with both Tung and Al: Jenn will be selected, but she's doomed to failure because of her lack of people skills and imagination.


I was embarrased by Jenn's arguing in the boardroom. I would have thought with her pedigree that she would have conducted herself in a more professional manner instead of basically getting into a 'chick-fight.' Of course, that looked to be exactly what Mr. Tump wanted. My wife laughed at me and asked in jest if this was how all attorneys act under pressure. i sure hope not. overall, i like Kelly best, but boy, its too bad Bradford got himself fired.

Al Nye

I think Trump let Jenn and Sandy engage in the boardroom screaming match purely for television. I can't imagine putting up with that scene in a true business setting.

It did make entertaining watching though ....

Al Nye


I see that the international betting company that closed its Apprentice betting site in September after "unusual wagering" said that Kelly and Jenn would make the finals are saying they've been vindicated. A spokesman said obviously, someone who worked on the show leaked inside information. Say, didn't Kevin work on Apprentice 2? And have you noticed we haven't heard much from him lately? Hmmmmmm.....


If the boardroom debate made a difference, here is how I think Sandy could have beaten Jenn with the following argument

"You've only signed the back of a paycheck, you've never signed the front."

A small business owner will be better suited for this job than the most tenured and pedigreed nuclear physicist. The point should have been made that Jenn has never managed anyone but her secretary.

Jenn talked about the complex regulatory and legal situations the Apprentice might find themselves in.

"Maybe I'll hire you as my lawyer."

Jenn was suited for the argument (even if, as a corporate law cog she's probably never seen the inside of a courtroom), but Sandy is probably better suited for the job.

I agree that Trump wanted a man/woman finale. I also agree that the editing seems to be setting up Jenn for the win (for the surprise value). It's one thing to set us up for a shock; isn't it quite another to set us up for outrage? Jenn looks so bad and Kelly looks so good that most of us would probably be upset over that. Surprise is satisfying, but watching the villain win is not.


And yet Jenn had her staunch 0defenders, which surprised me.

I think it's obvious that Jenn just rubbed too many people the wrong way. I doubt that Trump had any intention of hiring her at all. Despite all the nice things he said, I think he had pretty much ruled her out already.

Heck, in his voiceover at the start of one episode, Trump even commented that Jenn stole credit for Ivana's jeans-wheel idea. I doubt that Trump would want to hire a credit-stealer, and he certainly wouldn't want someone who can't be trusted. This alone was a big clue that he didn't want Jenn.

Okay, some people disagree that Jenn stole credit in that task. I think they're wrong, but that's beside the point. The point is that Trump felt that she did, and that was pretty much a kiss of death for her.

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