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December 27, 2004



A market reason to buy the minivan: the popularity of the SUV is likely to drive the price up. You are paying for the image. Since you don't get any of the psychic value, you are likely to be overpaying.

This is the sort of reasoning that can get you into trouble, esp. in Vegas.


I used to have an SUV, I DID take it off roading at least once a year on trips out west. Here's the thing though. Going off-road is hard on the vehicle. The shinyness is not as shiny. You get rocks and dust in teeny tiny places and it't hard to get it out. You scrape things. They won't even let you take a Grand Cherokee on most of the treacherous trails in the Jeep Jamboree. It seems that model is more looks than balls.
Did I hand out my sexual harrassment waivers yet?
I'm now sporting a saturn L300. I really miss the hauling capability, but it helps me control my budget to not buy anything that won't fit in my car. And I do miss the off-roading, but I haven't gone out west since before I was pregnant with my (next week) 18 month old.
So its not a big loss, and it saves me hundreds of dollars every month on gas, insurance, etc.


To follow Stef's point, you can really have the best of both worlds. Buy the minivan or L300 or whatever for your regular driving, when that is all you need. When you want the fun week of excess, rent a car. Although most rentals won't allow off-roading, you can find one that will. And the amount you saved over the rest of the year in gas, insurance, etc., will cover the rentals.


Having grown up in the north woods, to me it's not an SUV unless it's covered with mud, dents, scratched paint and the dried blood of a 12-point buck carried home on the hood. Cup holders? Leather upholstery? Heat? Please. Everyone else can have their girlie-man SUVs. I'll take a 1986 Bronco II.


I drive a Windstar minivan for work and I absolutely love it. I've considered buying one for myself. And I hear that manufacturers are considering "green" varieties in the near future. That would clinch it for me.

Check out the story in Analog Jan/Feb issue.


Thank you yes that would have been an excellent point to make, but I sometimes simply blather on and on in search of a point I know exists, but just can't find. I wonder if you are available for parties and the like, I could make much less a fool of myself!


A black Lexus RX-330. Lots of style, more than enough of speed, four-wheel drive and impeccable handling in snow and ice, and -- yes -- heated leather seats and cupholders.

And - for "Outside" magazine readers out there -- good gas mileage when compared to, say, the Ford Expedition or Lincoln Navigator.

Tung Yin

RX 330 -- seats up to 5. Honda Odyssey -- seats up to 8. Plus, our second row seats are nice comfy captain's chairs. And we have more cargo room.

Plus, I don't like black for cars. Probably a holdover from growing up in California, where the black color soaks up heat from the sun.


The Odyssey is indeed a good choice. When you said "minivan", I assumed you meant a Ford or Chrysler version. I assume it won't be long before you install the customary DVD player so your young son can watch "Shrek" on road trips?


so wich is beter minivan(chrysler town and country) or suv(ford ecpedition, excursion or chevy suburban)?

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