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November 29, 2004



Prof. Yin,

You might want to consider using a cordless phone extension for your Tivo, rather than having a new outlet put in. Basically, it allows you to plug your Tivo line into a 'transmitter' that is plugged into an electrical outlet, that then has a 'receiver' that's plugged into an electrical outlet and to a phone land line. Tivo says you really shouldn't do this, but I had no other choice with mine, and it's worked fine for about 2 years. There are several different brands of these things and they run about $50 at Walmart for a relatively decent brand.

Good luck with your Tivo-ing! Another downside - you'll never be able to watch TV without it without trying (futilely) to rewind everything!

Tung Yin

Thanks for the suggestion. We actually have a set of the cordless phone extensions, but for reasons having to do with furniture placement and so on, our house isn't really optimized to use them.


Permit me a moment of indulgence to defend Andy and his team's work. The bottle design was not nearly as innovative as the Apex one, but they had an integrated campaign to go along with it on the "two worlds" theme. All Apex seemed to offer was "cool bottle!"

I think the person who should have been fired was Sandy, who made an utter botch of the presentation of the "collect the continent" game--a neat concept that was SO poorly presented as to kill it.

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