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October 25, 2004


Law Monkey

I heard this one last Sunday. My favorite part of the cheesy ad?

Son (in a Beaver Cleaver voice): "But dad, I saw a picture of John Kerry with a gun!"

Dad (in a smug voice): "Son, that's just what they call a 'photo op.'"

If someone was paid to do this, then Bush-Cheney '04 was ripped off. Come to think of it, even if it was free then they are getting ripped off. It is that stupid.


I actually sort of envy you. Living in Virginia, I don't get to hear or see any of the good ads; if I want them, I have to track them down on the Internet. I'm sure it gets old quickly, but I wouldn't mind trading places for a couple of days, just for the full experience.

That said, we must get you and Publicola talking over at Stop the Bleating! He despises the NRA for compromising too much, and you consider the NRA extremist because it won't compromise enough! I love it!

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