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October 31, 2004



Having grown up a Hoosier, now living in Chicago, this "Daylight" savings time boggles my mind. In the winter, it's still dark when I get up for work and it's still dark when I leave work. So, um, by arbitrarily seting my clock forward, what daylight am I saving?! Winter is when I need it to be light more often... *bah*


Uh, daylight savings ended today if I'm not mistaken. The benefits, if any, are felt in the summer.


Can't some enterprising statisician figure out how many fatal auto accidents are caused by each spring by people operating with an hour less sleep?


Yes, Daylight Savings Time did end this weekend... and that's my point... in the summer, when the days are longer (i.e. there is physically more light for a longer period of time) we don't *need* to save any daylight! When the days are shorter, we should shift our time _the other way_ to get more daylight. The whole concept is bonkers. Instead of "spring forward, fall back" it should be the other way around, if we really wanted to "save" daylight.


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