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October 28, 2004



Some obscene number of people tried out for this show. You have to wonder if this isn't the best they could come up with. Their selection process must be incredibly flawed.

When a significant number of contestants (Stacie J., Stacy R., Elizabeth) could never possibly be the last person standing, and when we have anti-climactic boardroom scenes (although I agree with you, the episode was great), it makes the show something less than it could be.

I'd love to see season one against season two. I have no doubts who would win.

apprentice fan

Jennifer M: Bill Rancic v2


Has anybody else noticed the number of really weird Trump voiceovers that are badly edited into the show? It seems like every week there's a soundbite of Trump in the boardroom saying something that was clearly recorded afterward and snipped into the show. And last night there was one about Bill Rancic going to the Miss Universe pageant with Trump that came out of nowhere and never turned into anything. What's going on here? Is it because of lousy recording system in the board room that doesn't always capture what's said? Is it to improve or create a story line? Whatever they are, they're quite jarring and throw the rhythm of the show off.


I've been so irratated by those voiceovers, I actually use my tivo to skip over them! I really hate them, they completely distract you from what is going on, and you immedietly focus on the production value of the program instead of the suspense they are trying to build. The Donald not only SUCKS at reading his lines, the sound producers are HORRIBLE at getting the sound to appear to come even remotely from the same location. In fact, it sounds like he is talking, then off-camer he whips out an empty roll of toilet paper and reads some useless script through it, and then goes back to what he was saying in the first place. Why don't they do the voiceovers in the board room so there's a little continuity?? Why don't they just say "Hey, Trump really sucks at reading these lines, so lets just not throw them in since they add NOTHING!"

Grumpy Stef


The Donald's an Executive Producer and (by all accounts) an utter egomaniac. Of course he's going to be in the show as much as possible. He's said in interviews that he believes people watch the show "to see Donald Trump." Could he be more off-base?


Yeah, but Elizabeth was hot -- did you catch her in her slutty cop costume on "Today" this morning?

You're married, Tung, so I'll understand if you don't reply :)

Tung Yin

Scott, uh, yeah, just as well I don't watch morning TV (except maybe MSNBC). . . .

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