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« Why Do Republicans Hate Democracy? | Main | Case Closed »

October 29, 2004


Tung Yin

Needless to say, tactics such as these (and the ones in your previous post) are indefensible. However, if Republican charges of voter fraud on the part of Democrats (signing up ineligible felons, etc.) turn out to be true, would you also condemn the Democrats of hating democracy?


You think that's bad -- have you seen this flyer?

Federalist No. 84

I'm reminded why this is my favorite blog - it has three perspectives. Yin is centrist, Kevin is leftist, and many commenters are righties. I just can't find that anywhere else.

That link Scott provided is particularly appalling. I wonder who's doing it. "Republicans" isn't good enough. Is it state actors? Is it some group who can be sued?

The reason this type of voter intimidation is possible is because of DOJ's willful failure to vindicate the criminal provisions of the Voting Rights Act. I wonder why DOJ would not want to bring these criminals to justice? It'd be nice if the people in the media would start reading the jury instructions to show that DOJ could - but does not - prosecute people for some of the tactics currently complained of.

In any event, a few scorched-earth civil actions would end this nonsense (on the right and left) immediately. It's time to stop talking, and start suing.

Jason Steffens

Do liberals only believe in original sin when applied to conservatives?

Kevin, your rants would be so much more effective if they were based on incontrovertible facts. This isn't even close. We have no idea whether it was even Republicans who created this letter. It could have been Democrats trying to make Republicans look bad. It could have even been some far-right extremist trying to make Republicans look bad because he doesn't like the direction of the party. We simply don't know. The article doesn't even claim that anyone actually received the letter. All we have is this: "The letter was brought to election officials by Ron Colvin, a longtime registered voter and head of the Lake County NAACP."

If you're going to lump all Republicans in together as a group of individuals who are racists and hold democracy in contempt, at least have decent evidence. Otherwise, you're really making liberals look bad by making it seem that Truth is not their aim.


For shame. I thought lumping people together in a group because of experiences with a few from that group was called "stereotyping"? I find it ludicrous that one purporting to be compassionate (i.e. "Liberal") was using stereotype. Should we draw the conclusion from your behavior that all Liberals work from stereotype? Obviously, this would be wrong, both morally and logically.

Then there is the little niggling detail that we are - and for the forseeable future shall remain - a Republic, not a democracy. Our Founding Fathers were quite averse to democracy, actually...

Not to mention this whole matter could be a ploy - however ill-advised - on behalf of the NAACP to draw fire, as it is, away from the NAACP's IRS investigation. Now there is the story - why are Democrats allowed to host campaign rallies during church services, but Republicans are not, or do not? Right is right, and fair is fair, and the time for equal application of the law is far past due.

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