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October 29, 2004



You seem so intent to make this story something it is not. I don't know what happened to the 370 tons of explosives. Apparently, neither do the Iraqis, the administration, the NYT nor CBS. Let us assume, arguendo, that the missing explosives were there when the military passed through. Further, let us assume that the amount of the explosives was really 400 tons. Neither of these facts are clearly established. Neither were they established with any reasonable degree of certainty when the NYT and CBS attempted their October surprise ignoring all journalistic ethics. However, I will concede them for the sake of argument.

It is estimated that Saddam had nearly 500,000 tons of ordinance. The best possible result for your man is that the GWB's decision to invade Iraq (which decision was authorized by your candidate) successfully denied to murderous, fanatical, terrorists the use of 499,600 TONS of explosives.

It is clear that your vitriolic hatred of George W. Bush is clouding your judgment. Just what I would expect of leftwing acadmic. If Bush wins, I cannot wait to see your spittle splattered posts of rage. I, on the other hand, will be praying if Kerry wins that he keeps his on-again off-again commitment to actually kill terrorists and that God will guide his hand in healing this nation.

I don't like John Kerry one bit, but if he is our President in a time of war I will support him in prosecuting that war. I fear that people like have no such similar desire.

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