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August 31, 2004



I too like Chip & Kim--they seem like nice people even in a very stressful situation. But I think there's one more nonelimination leg. I may be mistaken.


There is one more nonelimination pitstop, but traditionally, it's been an extended final leg with just three teams and a pitstop in the middle. Most likely, they'll hopscotch through Asia, get down to three teams there, and the three teams will pitstop in Alaska/Hawaii (or possibly on the West Coast), without an elimination, with one final leg to go to the final Amazing Bathmat.

The interesting question is whether the money stripping "twist" will apply to that last leg, which has historically been "$1 is all you get, so better have saved..."


I agree that the twins will go out next followed by the bowling moms, but I think that Chip and Kim will take it all. I think Colin and Christy will continue to do well for a while, but I can see Colin's temper eventually getting the best of them. Chip and Kim have made very few mistakes so far and I believe that will continue (or at least I am hoping they win).

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