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September 22, 2004



For some reason the fact that no one was wearing glasses also popped into my head while watching the show. Perhaps I was just subconsciously thinking about "Lord of the Flies" and Piggy's glasses but I guess that people wearing contacts would have it worse than people wearing glasses.


I saw only the first act (then our 3-year old came in and I turned it off because it's not quite appropriate for a 3-year old) but was immediately drawn in. It was disorienting and confused, just as it would have been to find yourself in that situation on the ground. I wish I had taped the rest of it. It seemed like the best pilot since 24. I hope it's able to keep itself from going bad longer than 24 did, though.

And I'd like to see the resume of the actor who was on the screen for all of two seconds before getting sucked into the engine. Or maybe he was just a CGI creation.


Also watched. Had to PVR it (same as TiVo), and watched Baby Neptune while anxiously waiting for my little one to get completely worn out by dancing to the music.
Very interesting. There was a bad review in Slate. Though I can't really say I've ever read a good review in Slate.


I thought it was pretty interesting. Kinda like Jurrasic Park meets Survivor. Funny how they always have a pregnant character, a hunk, a cute girl and a bunch of other no namers. I will probably watch the next one just to see how that bloody guy ended up in teh tree.

Amy Heywood

I didn't get to see the first show. Do any of you know if it will air again?

Tung Yin

Amy wrote: I didn't get to see the first show. Do any of you know if it will air again?

The first and second episodes are rerunning in one 2 hour block on Saturday, Oct. 2, at 7 pm Central time.


I personally liked it so far. It's more like Gilligan meets Twin Peaks.

DRL, Ottawa, Canada


I love this show, especially the twists they thrown in with every character. The one from last night was awesome, I never expected Locke to be in a wheelchair. (sorry for the peeps who didn't watch it).


I loved the fact that Locke (at the office) was doing TPS reports. Isn't that the same report the guy in "Office Space" got yelled at (5-6 times) for an incorrect cover?


YES, "do you have the TPS reports ready for me?". I lol'ed and said Office Space.

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