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August 14, 2004



Seymor Hersh? That's a real credible source. All he is doing is trying to reclaim past Vitnam "glory." Hersh has been discredited time and time again. Kevin, you'll believe anything as long as it is anti-Bush in some way.

I never said Salam Pak had anything to do with 9/11, and saying others called it a "smoking gun" is more or less a straw man argument.

If anything, Salam Pak has been part of the proof that Iraq has aided terrorists, which is another justification used for the war. You don't think Salam Pak was designed to teach people how to serve tea on international flights more efficiently now, do you?

Sadly, you chose to response to a portion of my comment rather than to my direct challenge. Real nice, Kevin. Thanks for proving me right.

Kevin Jon Heller

When in doubt, attack the source. Care to provide me with actual evidence that Hersh has been discredited "time and time again"? I seem to recall that he won the Pulitzer Prize for exposing the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War. Did he make that up, too?

If you care to actually read my blog entry, you'll notice that I never claimed YOU said Salman Pak was connected to 9/11. What I wrote was: "Some even claim that Salman Pak may well be the 'smoking gun' connecting Iraq to 9/11." And guess what? So they have. Here's a quote from an August 13, 2002, article by Carl Limbacher in News Max: "If America's press is looking for smoking-gun evidence tying Iraq to the 9-11 attacks, Saddam Hussein's hijack school for Islamic terrorists is as good as it's likely to get." Want to know what the title of the article is? "Salman Pak: Iraq's Smoking Gun Link to 9-11?"

By the way, I intend to address your post in full. But I only have so much time, and your post asked a number of questions. So don't jump on me for not dealing with them all at once.


After reading both articles...here's what I think...

Fact: Salman Pak is a MILITARY BASE 15 miles south of Baghdad.

Fact: There was some SHADY shit going on there.

Fact: They have airplane used for TRAINING, of some kind, going there.

Fact: Saddam Hussein has used WMD's on his OWN people.

Fact: Saddam Hussein went to jail for attempting to kill the head of Iraq.

Fact: The USA has been attacked by Hijacked airliners.

If I sit in the exalted throne of the Oval Office. I have this information in front of me immediately after the 9/11 attacks...

I would have ATTACKED Iraq. International Affairs is NOT Law Enforcement. Countries must act on INTENTIONS not "proof beyond a reasonable doubt".

I hate war. It is a historical fact that sometimes the trash needs to be taken out. It is ashame that GOOD lives have to die.

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