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August 17, 2004



I have my hands over my ears shouting: "LALALALALALALALALALALAAAAAA..."

Kevin Jon Heller

Tung's instincts were right on that one, by the way. I ended up hating the law firm (which will remain nameless) where where we met and left not long thereafter to pursue screenwriting. Frankly, my friendship with Tung was by far the best thing that came out of that job. Even if his %$&#@* reasonableness always makes me seem more partisan than I really am...

Tung Yin

Even if his %$&#@* reasonableness always makes me seem more partisan than I really am...

Score one for the moderates!


what if you don't get an offer after your 2L year? what should you say? I'm positive it didn't have anything to do with my work product. I just didn't like the uptight nature and completely undiverse and conservative atmosphere. during my call back, they made it seem like it was very laid back and liberal. NOPE. and then I got screwed and no offer b/c they said they overhired.

Now that the market sucks, what can you say when you have finally landed an interview after a year of nothing?? any tips?? I hope you see this comment even though this post was a year ago...

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