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August 31, 2004


Tung Yin

Second, it appears that the Justice Department only investigated the case because one of the AUSA's involved in it, Richard Convertino, filed a whistleblower suit against the Department.

Is this right? I couldn't see the reference in the story to the motivation of the investigation. In fact, I got the impression that Convertino filed his whistleblower suit in response to the investigation. (I could well be wrong, though.)

Not sure if this helps...but Convertino filed his lawsuit on Feb. 14, 2004.



Sixth, why doesn't anyone ever listen to the defense attorneys? ... I don't know too many defense attorneys who simply invent claims that the prosecution is hiding evidence.

Because all defendants are guilty unless proved wealthy.

I don't know what political environment you practice in, but around my part of the world, judges (who are elected) listen to defense attorneys at their peril. And other politicians run against what defense attorneys do for a living.

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