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July 26, 2004


Jason Steffens

Whatever faults Return of the Jedi has, surely you won't deprive Nicholas of the saber fight between Luke and Darth Vader at the end, will you?

Tung Yin

Well, I suppose. . . . I guess I can always show the stupid Ewok parts too and give him some basic physics lessons. Like how illogical it is that Imperial walkers impervious to laser fire could be brought down by giant logs swinging down from trees. (Assume that the logs had enough potential energy stored up to damage the walkers; ever wonder how the little teddy bear Ewoks could manage to lift the trees to that height?!?)


I agree with Jason. Just edit out the Ewok parts. Also, you can't deprive your boy of Admiral Ackbar!!

Seriously, I am wishfully thinking on this last movie. I hope that Lucas has learned from his shortfalls in the last 2 and gives this movie the story and ending it deserves. He needs to forget about what his kids like and satisfy the people who have supported his movies for 27 years. (I have owned both the original and re-edited versions on VHS and DVD from Hong Kong, and ran out in 1997 to see the movies again in the theatre.)

But, in the end Lucas will have my money. I'll be at the theatre at Midnight to see ROTS. Maybe he'll use his last chance to salvage this once great series. I wish he had stuck to his original plan and did these movies in 1986, 1989, and 1992.

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