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May 26, 2004




If one accepts that Bush lied about WMD, they must accept this: Bush had to then know eventually he would have to answer for it.

Clinton knew he had a compliant media who would cover for him, and Bush knows that he doesn't.

Plus, what about the recent discoveries of sarin and mustard gas? To explain them away requires some serious verbal gymnastics.

People can despise Bush's policies and actions and vote for Kerry in November. That is our democracy. But, to make the case against Bush by saying he lied about WMD is to do exactly what Bush is being accussed of, only the accuser is the real liar.

We should all be glad that we haven't found the proof in a New York subway.

Tom L.


Gore's comments smack of comments made by Kerry a few months ago, something along the lines of the Bush administration being "... the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen."


This Gore feloow is an idiot. does he not realize that behavior like this turns people away from our side. What a git, and he is dragging Kerry down with him.


Question: How many must die to qualify as a mass? Was there not several "mass" grave sights found in Iraq? These people did not die of old age, they were destroyed in mass.

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