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May 11, 2004



Jasmine was horrible. I predict she is gone. Good effort, but not nearly as good as La Toya, Diana and Fantasia.

Bye bye Jasmine


Two comments:

--25 years later, disco still sucks;
--Diana's going to win this thing. Here's why--she has become, through the first nine weeks of the season, a much, much better singer than she was at first, which gives her an advantage over Jasmine, who sucks (poor girl--her confidence is obviously shot and she looks lost. I doubt she can even sing on key in the shower anymore). And when it comes to Fantasia and Latoya, Diana has a happy, smily, effervescent personality that makes people want to run up and hug her. Fantasia veers too often toward cocky and aggressive, while Latoya is reserved to the point of being an ice queen. My pick is that either Latoya or Fantasia will go tonight, after they split the diva/talent vote, while Jasmine and Diana clean up their voting blocs (probably Fantasia, after that hideous rendition of "Holding out for a Hero" last night--why did she pick a song written for a deep, husky voice like Bonnie Tyler's when her voice is about as far on the register as can be from deepy and husky? Awful). Jasmine gets one more chance to humiliate herself next week, setting up a final between Diana and the Fantasia/Latoya survivor.

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