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April 05, 2004



I'm Bob Herbert. And frankly, I enjoy Dowd's columns for the entertainment value, though I'm not sure how much substance they bring to the table.

Prof. Yin's Wife

That is a sad result for you, Tung, as I know just how much you admire Dowd. I am Nicholas D. Kristof. (Never heard of him.)

"You enjoy travelling, going as far as China, Africa, Alaska, and Central America for a good story. You use a lot of quotes and references in your stories. You tackle tough issues like AIDS and religion, which makes you controversial among Christians. You're a good man [huh, woman], Nicholas D. Kristof."


Professor Yin,
I also am Maureen Dowd, and have no clue why. Perhaps we should both take comfort in the fact that at least we are total foxes?


Kristof is the Times' foreign policy wonk columnist--sort of the Bob Herbert equivalent for foreign policy.

Jeff Findel

haha! Maureen Dowd! Seriously I need to start going to Lugosi's site first to get the real news instead of your Trumped-up partisan nonsense!

Also, as I am Thomas L. Friedman, I don't know why I go here anyways, it seems we have nothing in common...

Don't compare Kristof to the lame Bob Herbert, Herbert couldn't even fabricate an interesting story. Plus, he's nuts! Didn't he write a column chastizing the US for evacuating Aristide?

Tonya Brito

What columnist did you want to be?

Tung Yin

"What columnist did you want to be?"

Hmm, interesting question. Since I don't read the NYT regularly, I actually don't know the columnists very well. Tom Friedman seems like a smart guy, but I was disappointed in his most recent book, which seemed like 300 pages of the same column over and over, which was that Israel and Palestine should agree to divided territories.

I'm not sure I'd enjoy all that traveling, but Kristof seems pretty good.

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