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April 20, 2004



Apparently George was sick last night, which is a shame, since he remains my favorite. Last night ranged from boring to screeching. I can't stand any of the remaining "divas" left in the competition and the two teenage girls are just very boring. I actually thought John Stevens was the best last night. His voice is perfect for Manilow and I thought Manilow performed some magic in teaching John how to emote when singing and it really showed. My bottom 3 predictions would be: Latoya, George, and Fantasia, with Fantasia being booted. I know it's not the most popular opinion but I really think Fantasia is so polarizing that the producers had to try and make her more likeable by bringing her child on to stage and I think it's going to backfire. The general public can sense heavyhanded manipulation and I don't think they'll like it.

Tung Yin

"My bottom 3 predictions would be: Latoya, George, and Fantasia, with Fantasia being booted."

Wow, quite the bold pick, g! We'll know in about three and a half hours.

Reyna (Raye)

im not being mean or anything .. but i think that the people who make the show are somewhat PREDIDOUS to jasmine .. its like you guys want to get rid of her because she's asian .. i think she has all rite just like all of the other contestents .. and also if she goes .. i think its because you guys made her nervous and two nights (or three) in a row you let her go first .. this monday and tuesday .. and also .. she doesnt get good judement .. and im happy that randy supports his own kind . put how about other people too .. i can tell he really doesnt like jasmine or asians at all .. so i expect jasmine to stay and fantasia to go .. i hope you guys listen to me .. and give asians there time to be famous too .. thank you for your time


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