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March 27, 2004



Thome will do great for you, don't worry about it. You can get what you need by moving him later if needed. You had some great late round picks: Jose Vidro will serve you much better than Marcus Giles. Guaranteed .320, 180-220 hits, 20 jacks, 10-20 steals. Brandon Webb is another steal. Ensberg will do some serious damage for you as well. I think Joe Nathan will be a top 10 closer statistically, great value there. Bernie Williams, especially where you drafted him, may have you laughing at the other guys.

On the other hand, Wolf would have been better for you than Pineiro. Chipper Jones is on the way down. You probably could have done better in round 6. Edmonds is a waste, I think. Too prone to injury. Santana worries me too. Keep us updated on your progress. By the way, what is your team name?

I have my most important draft tomorrow, my old college buddies. 14 teams, but that is the way it has been for years. Obviously, draft is huge. I have the 8th pick, and I am hoping for Todd Helton. I had my other draft last week, 8 teams, full of guys I never met, but this is my 4th year with them, I met them online. 2 are even from New Zealand!! Here's who I got:

C- Lieberthal
1B - Helton
2B - Vidro
SS - Cabrera
3B - Chavez
UTIL - Delgado
UTIL - Burrell
UTIL - Patterson
LF - Garrett Anderson
CF - Preston Wilson
SP - Webb, Lowe, Wolf, Zambrano, Juan Williams, Penny, Myers
RP - Julio, Isringhausen, Lidge, Biddle, Donnelly, Kolb

By the way, Professor, I am disappointed I did not make your blogroll!!!...

Good luck!! Brian
RF - Gibbons
P -

Tung Yin

Brian, the blogroll is still a work in progress.

My team is "Children of the Corn," though it appears that the horror story right now is still my first round goof. . . .

Re Pineiro vs. Wolf: you may be right. It was certainly not an easy call.

Re Edmonds: we have large benches, so I can swap players in for Edmonds if he is injured. My starting OF will generally be Jones, Jones, and Abreu, so Edmonds is slated to be my second DH. I could play Milton Bradley or Bernie Williams instead. Anyway, it was Edmonds or Sweeney, both of whom are fragile.

Good luck with your upcoming draft. Maybe someone there will miss up, as I did in the first round.


Edmonds should have 1B eligibility too, so if I am wrong about him, you may be able to get him in there from time to time, or move him for something.


23 players? Geez, that's a deep bench. Hope you don't have 10 other players in your league otherwise there will be a lot of squirreling away of decent players and you'll be left with dregs if anybody goes on the DL.

Last year I was in a league where a guy lost interest and didn't update his team for a month. He had Thome on the bench the whole damn time. What a waste!

I got Pujols in the first round. Got Javy Lopez way down the line. Even picked up Dontrelle Willis in the 15th round! Picked up Podsednik as a Util player just for his stolen bases (Juan Pierre was long gone...).

That's the great thing about showing up live to the draft rather than editing pre-rankings because you're bound to forget somebody good who may have a lower Y! Ranking due to a partial season (injury, call-up from minors, etc) but who is a good player.

Tung Yin

With only 8 teams, 23 players is not a lot. I was actually pushing for drafting 25 players -- and starting 11 hitters instead of 10. At 8 teams, 23 players means we drafted a total of 184 players; that's the equivalent of 18.4 players in a 10 team league. To give you an idea of how deep the free agent pool is, the following hitters are available: Winn, Hidalgo, Mondesi, Finley, Posednik, Lofton, Stewart, Gibbons, Cameron, E. Martinez. . . .


Posednik should be on your roster right now. pick him up Professor!! Why would you have Milton Bradley (who you called "cheap speed") over him?

By the way, I took Rentiera with the 19th overall pick (2nd round) and got ripped by my boys for it. I'll be getting the last laugh.

Tung Yin

I guess I worry that Posednik was over his head last year. Bradley has more power, better strike zone judgment, and plays for a marginally better team. He may steal fewer bases, but I lose less power.

Cedar Pundit

If you have space for a Util player and your league counts stolen bases then DEFINITELY pick up Podsednik! He's the #2 dude behind Juan Pierre last year for SBs. He also hit .314.

Yeah, he may not contribute much in other depts, but he'll pull more SBs than the rest of your team combined, in all probability.


Podsednik must be looking better and better after the Milton Bradley incident. If he is still there, go get him while you can.

Tung Yin

Unfortunately, I forgot that Yahoo! put everyone on waivers, and so after everyone cleared waivers, there was a flurry of activity, and Posednik was one of the ones taken. However, someone else has just cut Alex Sanchez. . . .

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