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March 25, 2004


Jeremy C. Wright

3) George is International Council. Carolyn's in charge of golf courses. 'Nuf said? ;-)


Carolyn is an attractive blond woman and appeals to the 18-34 male demographic, George is a frumpy old man and appeals to no one. Remember, in television, it's all boils down to demographics and market segments. That's probably also why the two women wore mini-skirts into the final board meeting with Trump. I'm sure the producers determine the players' wardrobe for that meeting every week.

Jeff Findel

Bill basically won that event for Protege' by getting the VIPs to sign up. How come they didn't end up having more people than versacorp? Didn't they make them signup when they went to spin the wheel? And what was with that kid, was that just a stunt? Did they just tell that kid what to say?

Weird episode!


As I (and presumably almost ever other viewer) predicted last week, Katrina is gone. I'm curious to see how he works the "teams" next week - will he leave things at 3 and 2?

Tung Yin

From the previews, it looks like it'll be 3 against 2, and if the two lose, I guess they both go to the boardroom.

Hard to predict how things turn out, but I think if Versacorp loses and neither Nick nor Amy stands out, Amy will be fired. The sheen is off her with the loss, and while her past saved her this time, Trump seems to like Nick.


I also think Nick will do a better job in the boardroom - he certainly has more experience. Amy really didn't make much of an argument in there, and Trump has really seemed to grant a lot of leeway to those who stand up for themselves.

Will Allen

What was strange about last night's contest was that it didn't seem to entail actually increasing the casino's revenues, but merely getting people who had already decided to gamble at the Taj Mahal to use one team's tracking card over another's. Did I miss something? Did the teams actually entice these people to increase their wagering?


I get the feeling George's "business trips" generally lead him to the doctor's office. That is, unlike Ponderosa's "concussion," his medical problems are fairly serious.

Jeff Findel

"Ponderosa", I like that...

Yeah I agree with Will, and Amy basically pointed out this fact on the floor to Trump which just seemed to highlight how stupid the premise of their assignment was.

What about the part where Trump is on the golf course and the wind is blowing his hair all over the place. He plays it off cool-like by saying that it proves his hair is real... but seriously, we could see the staples...

Stephen Silver

Why did they wear short skirts? For the same reason that all eight women on the show had model-like figures: because it perfectly matches the well-established sexual proclivities of Trump himself.

What I liked in last night's episode was that the "VIPs" were some the scummiest, most shabbily-dressed "high rollers" I've ever seen.

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