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June 10, 2013



I saw it today. How about a ship that's going to burn up on reentry because no shields? We are not making heat-shielding tiles just because we have shields?

I have a lot of pacing/plot issues that I won't drone about while pecking from my phone, too, but I like these characters--barring Scotty and Chekov, who so far are extremely unfortunate caricatures, and Bones is not much better--not the actors' fault, in any case--a lot more than I expected to. Chris Pine's Kirk is fantastic.

Tung Yin

Interesting. I think Simon Pegg has far more acting range than James Doohan had. Anton Yelchin's Chekov is a bit annoying, though. John Cho's Sulu didn't get to do much in this one, but I guess that's okay since he got to wield his sword in the first one.

Chris Pine is quite good as Kirk, and Zachary Quinto is too as Spock. I'd like to see Pine take on the role of James Bond.

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