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January 31, 2013


Allan L.

The case was an easy sell to a jury. But does this prosecution make us safer from real terrorists? Not at all. Just a big waste of pubic money and resources on a guy who had no chance of being a public threat without the government's help.


I am not an attorney and this may come off as naive, but I certainly hope that his age at the time of the crime is taken into account during sentencing. US nineteen year olds are highly impressionable, and as Allan points out above, there is zero chance that he would have had the ability to commit the crime he was found guilty of without material assistance from the FBI.


Allan, how can you say that?? This guy might not have been able to bomb something on his own, but he easily could have gotten a gun and harmed many people. His intent was bad, and we are safer that he is off the street.


Stuart, he could have easily gotten a car and ran a red light too. Maybe he could have gotten a teaching degree and became a teacher, or an engineering degree and solved our fossil fuel problem. A lot of things could have happened. But the bottom line here is he would not have gotten a bomb if the government hadn't given him one.

Greg Miller

No matter how many years he gets he probably will be going to Florence, CO Federal Admax.
This is where all the celebrity foreign and national terrorists and bombers serve their sentences.

I doubt he will go to a min or mod security federal prison. For his parents sake, I hope he does not go to Florence into his forties and beyond.


Now if only the DOJ would go after some economic terrorists, and by that I mean the fraudsters on Wall Street and running banks. They seem to be getting a free pass.

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