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July 11, 2012


Willie Lump Lump

I agree that Howard Stern's doing great but I’m thinking he’s going overboard here a bit. I think there are great shows he cut and once that lacked which he passed. I hope things will get better and he doesn’t continue to cut great talent. I love to watch Americas Got Talent with my wife on PrimeTime Anytime. Now I can enjoy my favorite shows with the new Auto Hop feature, which my coworker from Dish showed me how it's used. I have the choice to sit through insignificant commercials or skip them on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings. I've had problems fast forwarding past my show, and then I have to skip back to the start of the scene. Now this does the fast forwarding for me, and I won’t wear the batteries in my remote like I’ve always done. I can focus more time on my show instead of commercials.


I think Howard Stern needs to GO!!!! He is arrogant, very critical and just not the type of person to be a judge. Also parading his parents all over the stage was so stupid. AGT get rid of him

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