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June 09, 2010



You're right. It's silly and unfair to criticize Obama for not cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico. (Although he did pick up with his bare hand a little oil off a Louisiana beach the other day while on camera.)

But it is fair to criticize him for failing to send out the order to clean up the "agency capture" throughout the federal government -- including that which had been widely publicized at the Minerals Management Service. It should have been done the first week in office, and he's bright and well informed enough to have known that.

Following up on the order could have saved, for starters, 29 coal miners' lives, and 11 off shore oil rig workers -- not to mention tens of billions of taxpayers' dollars, corrupt losses yet to be uncovered and reported by the mainstream media -- and, ultimately, his presidency.

For my take on the BP saga (including Obama's role) see the blog entries linked from "Uncanny Prediction of BP Disaster & Response," June 10, 2010.

Stuart Levine

I believe that the Obama quote about McCain and the cave where Osama bin Laden resided was not a reference to McCain's lack of courage. Rather it was a reference to the fact that US forces had bin Laden in its sights in a cave in Afghanistan, but failed to pull the trigger.

Tung Yin

But that makes even less sense for Obama to be criticizing McCain, since McCain wouldn't be the one to be giving the order to pull the trigger.

I think it's somewhat more defensible for Obama to say that he was criticizing McCain for not supporting more resources/troops in Afghanistan when it came up for a vote. But if that's what Obama meant, then he opens himself up to the criticism that his response to BP is inadequate not for his own failure to act personally, but for failing to have led the Executive Branch in terms of regulatory policy and the like.

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