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August 14, 2009


fioricet online

I think sometimes its not fare to the woman older white marry a Asian and want to his baby sitter when He get on the age 60.


I think there is a growing trend in the US of men seeking companionship with Asian women. It is my opinion, and the opinion of many American men I've talked to, that there seems to be a growing culture among American women of selfishness and disrespect of men. I have observed this on numerous occations not only in person but also on TV, in womens Magazines and in media in general. It kind of goes along with bra burning and the ever popular "You go girl".

It's almost as if they are not allowed by their girl friends to acknowledge his love and and respect for her in public least least she be given the "Hairy eyeball".

I think this a most interesting socialogic developement worthy of anthropologic study.


white or asian we are all on the same boat, i love asians (but not dating asian girl ;) i have white one, but color does not matter), i love them because they (all i've met in my life) are so polite and disciplined (they have great respect to old people, family, education).

In our country live mainly asian people from vietnam and china, main imigration wave was in 1989. In 1990s they had nothing, but they worked hard and opened clothes shops around our country. Today they have cosmetic saloons, restaurants, they are sending children to schools and these children are the best students. The big problem of this world are those uneducated, agressive and fanatic arabian muslims, they are coming to europe, they do not want to work, study, they don't have an ambition to be better and smarter and to reveal mysteries of science,life and space (as we both have) i am afraid of that these people will cause decadence of mankind.


I love asian women, but I love all women except those that prove to me that they are not good people. I do see many good looking white guys with pretty asian women but I don't know what angers people about this issue. Men do not own women, why would you think it is acceptable behavior to tell someone they could only date and marry someone in the same culture or race. I have dated many cultures of women in my life and I am currently with a lady from Japan. We found each other and we love each other. Its a big world out there and I would hate to know as a man that I was not allowed to love a woman no matter where she may reside. Good luck to you.


OK, I don't understand that story really. The issue you have is with older powerful white guys marrying/dating asian women? Is that right?

Hmm.. Well, asian women also marry white guys that aren't old or powerful. It's really pretty simple.

Asian women love white guys. In fact, they would drive 100 miles in the dark just to meet one. And I'm not making this up, just to stroke my imaginary ego. But here's another one to consider- everybody loves white guys.

A white guy can date any race on the planet in any country on the planet.

A asian girl can date any race on the planet in any country on the planet.

They are the Apex Predator's of each sex.

Their offspring are physically healthier than either of the pure bred offspring.

It's like creating a mutt that's smarter and stronger, only it looks better than the pure breed(that would be you). There is a cellular biology/genetics basis for this.

Disparate races, when reproducing, have healthier children because their DNA has to be rewritten and error checked moreso than if breeding with a similar race recombination. I'm not making this up. But I'm guessing since you are asking the above question, odds are you don't know jack about biology. The key is to combine races separated as much as possible, but where the offspring looks better than the original of both parents.

If this confuses you(oblivious to your condition), have you seen any movies lately? The hybrids can walk between both worlds and kick everyone's ass. It's not an accident. It's not a new phenomena. They just have enough of them to go around now to make a difference.

So if you had all the money in the world(like those white guys), do you want to have kids that look like a Ford Fiesta or a Ferrari? It's simple eugenics in the purist sense.

People with choices choose the best among those choices. And the best match is an Asian and White, if you are creating a hybrid. Otherwise, who cares. They'll look just like you with the same medical problems you have. Big bonus. But at least you be asian race X. Good for you.

If you want your grand kids to look just like you, perhaps you should reconsider what you are asking. The assumption is that it's damaging you you and your kids. Reality check.

Maybe you aren't a movie star. Maybe you aren't a rich white guy. Maybe more of the same isn't helping your family in the long term.

Maybe you're doing your grand kids a disservice by sticking them with yet another cloned asian phenotype with the same damned disease's and short fragile frame for the last 500 years. This is what the human race thinks about without cultural BS getting in the way. I hope you aren't upset by it.

If this is too racist for you perhaps you should reconsider your initial question.

Otherwise, the facts are that biology doesn't care what you think. The asian/white mixed kids are healthier, stronger, and better looking than the originals. It seems that everyone know this but asian guys and white girls. And yes, even your kids know this. It's not taught. It's a biological imperative that you have no control over. Sorry. Best of luck though.


As an asian american female I have dated many guys in college and I maybe lucky but every white guy I dated treated me very well, he treated me like a princess and we made a great couple. I have had some negative comments made mainly by white girls who did not approve of our relationship. I have to say that we all look for someone to love us and my boyfriend happens to be a white guy and we love each other, also he is one sexy man so he keeps me happy.

White boy

My Chinese wife is the same age as me. She's not submissive at all, but she is so civilized when it comes to disagreements. She does little things to show how much she cares, and in my mind she's better than gold.

She's like a kind of beautiful scenery or a sunset that takes my breathe away every day. Even when she's slurping her soup very loudly, kicking me every time I want to play with her feet under the table, and calling me an idiot in her native tongue -- I can't help but love that black haired goddess!

You know what? She can stick as many needles as she wants in me, my love for her will never change!

dennis marshall

In the Philippines this is a common phrase.

Kapit sa Patalim = no other choice or swallow bitter pill
Matranda, Mayaman at Madaling, Mamatay = Old, rich, and easy to die

Some want a chance in life and others want a lady to take care of them. Mostly its a good deal for both. Not much chance in a western country.

Asian Girl

In regards with May-December affair there is nothing wrong with that as long as they are happy with one another. The sad thing is some Asian women use it for their own benefits like getting out of poverty and White men take advantage of the situation so that somebody would care for them as they grow older.

Dee Fyne

There is even a website that specializes in hooking up Asian females w/ white males:


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