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August 19, 2009



Thanks for summing up all the high points that made me love the show. I'm tempted to rewatch the entire series again because the narrative arcs was so compelling. In the series finale, Moore did a wonderful job of gesturing back to the opening lines of the original show: "life here began out there." Cheers!

Jason W.

Coming in late, but I feel encouraged that there's another late comment above. The single thing I hated most about the end of the show was the little coda, with the two ... what, angels? Whatever they were, they read the Eve article over Ron Moore's shoulder, yammer on about how it's all a cycle, and then: robots! Robots everywhere! They'll get us again!

I think the Onion's AV Club put it best: "But even though I can look back at the last four years and see all of that, I'm actually really scared that Ron Moore thinks his AIBO is out to [this is a family blog] kill him."


I definitely am going to watch the whole series again. I like the ending but some people are complaining that it was a bit "empty", you know. Some of my friends asked: "Yea, what's next?" To them it seems like unfinished. I didn't watch the first season so I am going to buy a pilot episode. If anyone is interested it can be purchased here:
Battlestar Galactica DVD

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