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August 03, 2009



From looking back at my Amazon history I have paid just about $2375 for my books for 6 semesters here. I sold most of them back to Amazon with a net loss to me of about $1200. That does not seem that bad to me. Still wish I had $1200...but for three years its alright.

Rusty Shackleford

I always thought the simple brown covers of the West casebooks were the most aesthetically pleasing, or "lawyerly" looking casebooks. They look like something you'd expect to see lining the walls of a law office. Of course, we all know that casebooks become pretty much useless after finals are over, let alone once you enter practice.

Tung Yin

I actually found my copy of Hart & Wechsler (Fed Courts) useful during my clerkships and a little bit during practice even.


i do not get why case books are even necessary. Cases are essentially freely downloadable, and 3-6 weeks following any case of import, there is a professional article.

If i taught contracts or torts, i would just staple some recent cases togehter and riff off a few thoughts. Screw hadley v. baxendale or tarasoff.

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