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January 12, 2007



The doomsday clock is one of those ridiculous "social monikers" like the "Acres of Rainforest being cut down" counters seen at Hard Rock Cafe for example. By now, about 20 years after I saw my first one, we'd likely have "cut down" the entire earth a few times. Maybe they add back stuff at night for replantings? Anyway, I like the your take on stuff. I found your blog via a Sandy Renshaw post that linked to you. Have a wonderful day!


Let see...the USSR broke up relatively recently, possibly throwing thousands of nuclear weapons onto the market (although one is enough).

Nuclear proliferation is continuing. North Korea just set one off.

Technology continues to advance, which favors the terrorist, making a nuclear detonation in NYC increasingly easier to accomplish.

So which part of this threat do you not believe?


Andy Fergason

ha, I wonder who’s job it was to do that.
You would think it would not matter, what with the world ending.

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